Solanum 'Megaball'

Solanum Megaball with its large shiny green and orange berries adds a strikingly cheerful touch to house and garden.
The plant originates from Peru and has many inspirational common names such as ‘Winter Cherry’, ‘Jerusalem Cherry’ or 'Christmas Cherry'.
Especially in late summer, the plants are widely available and thus provide an exotic touch to the autumn. The deep orange berries can be enjoyed for a long time because outdoors, the plant easily survives until the first frost.



Put the plant in a light position indoors or on the patio that is not too warm.
Keep the pot ball sufficiently moist but be sure to drain any surplus water.
Regularly add some general houseplant fertilizer to the water.


Place several Solanum Megaball plants in a group together in a large basket or ornamental pot and put this in a prominent spot on the patio or near the front door. These easy strong plants will be true eye-catchers for a prolonged period.

The plant itself and its berries are not suitable for consumption.