Begonia Angel Falls Soft Pink

Begonia Angel Falls is a trailing garden begonia, very suitable for hanging baskets and large pots. Its large, soft pink flowers do have a distinct romantic look and fit in well with the current trend that uses lots of pastel shades.
Angel Falls branches very well with floriferous elegantly trailing stems. As soon as there is no more danger of night frosts, Angel Falls can be put outside, where it will continue to flower until late October (until the first night frost).

Angel Falls grows best in a large pot or hanging basket in a position in full sun or semi shade. Make sure not to hang the plant in the full wind.
Flowers that have finished flowering drop off all by themselves. Regularly add some fertilizer when watering and do not allow the potting compost to dry out completely.

Begonia Angel Falls is very lovely in a large pot all by itself but also beautiful when combined with other plants. Try it together with plants like Surfinia, Glechoma or Helichrysum. Of course, many more combinations with Angel Falls are possible.