Primula acaulis(Primrose)

In winter, we yearn for colour in the garden. What plants are more suitable to provide this than Primroses? These compact plants are suitable for use in the garden and on the patio and as long as frosts are not too severe, they will proudly display their flowers.
In the home, Primroses also lend a lot of colour to any room. They are not all that keen on a warm living room but when placed slightly cooler, they will last for quite a while.
In winter, Primroses are widely available in many colours.

Primroses prefer cool surroundings. Provided it doesn’t freeze, Primroses will keep their fresh looks. The pot ball should remain moderately moist. The plants do not like to wilt but too much water is not right either. Therefore, good drainage is very important.


Deadheading will help keep the plants beautiful for much longer.
Combine a few Primroses in a basket or large bowl for an even more stunning effect!