Begonia Waterfall Encanto

Unique orange colour (typically Dutch orange). Large single flowers and a magnificent display of colour.
Garden plant: can be planted outside as soon as there is no danger of night frost. Flowers very profusely and continuously until September; in other words, all through summer. Dead flowers drop out off the plant all by themselves, so little work.
Encanto is much less sensitive to flower drop as compared to similar types. Available from early May.

Add fertilizer every month for an optimum result. Begonia Waterfall Encanto prefers a position in full sun and/or semi shade. Available from April - August.
Position: semi shade to full sun but not in the full wind provides optimum results. Branches right from the heart of the plant, which results in a graceful, robust plant structure.

 Use soft shades in your decoration. These are a perfect backdrop for the orange flowers.
Transfer the plant to a haning basket or large pot and you will have an waterfall of colours all through the summer.