Cyclamen Miniwella F1 Bellissima

With its small bell-shaped colourful flowers, Miniwella Bellissima Cyclamen is truly unique in the world of Cyclamen. The small pendulous bells give the plant a very special look. Furthermore, these bells are frilly.

Cyclamen are widely available in autumn and winter. Purchase of a Bellissima in December will add just that extra festive touch to the living room!

Cyclamen belong to the primrose family (Primulaceae) and are native to Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Tunisia.

Miniwella Cyclamen are F1-hybrids, which means that the plants are strong and flower profusely.


Miniwella Bellissima Cyclamen have no problems with the living room climate. Even over a radiator, they will keep in good shape.
Deadheading and removal of yellow leaves is best done with a short sharp tug, thus ensuring that the entire stem is pulled off. This prevents stems rotting in the plant.
Water by submerging the pot in lukewarm water or by watering from the bottom of the plant using a dish placed under the pot.
Put Cyclamen in a light position but not in full sunlight.
When cared for properly, Cyclamen will continue to flower over a prolonged period.

- Cyclamen Miniwella Bellissima is a lovely, original plant that makes a wonderful gift!