Princettia is part of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae) and originates from the rain forests in Central and South America.
The plant is available for a large part of the year in four different shades of pink. These bright fresh colours add a modern touch to the living room.
From spring until autumn, these robust plants are also suitable for use in the garden and on the patio.
Princettia continues to flower all summer long and does not drop any flowers.
By nature, Princettia grows fairly compact and this means that growers need significantly less growth regulators for its cultivation. This quality means that Princettia is a plant for the future!




Princettia prefers a light position in the living room but does not like full sun. The ideal temperature lies between 17 and 20º C.

Water from the bottom of the plant using a dish placed under the pot. Avoid water on flowers or leaves, as this might leave stains.

Regularly add a little fertilizer to the water.



With their luxurious and fresh look, Princettia’s are very suitable presents for special occasions.

Princettia's four different shades of pink look very good in trendy ornamental pots; try displaying a few of these together in a group for an even more stunning impact.

Did you know that Princettia also enjoys a spell outdoors in the garden in summer?
As long as temperatures remain over 5 - 10º C, Princettia will continue to flower. In the garden, Princettia prefers a position in sun or semi shade.