Begonia SummerGlory

Begonia SummerGlory cuts a striking figure, because of its use as well as its look. On the windowsill, SummerGlory continues to flower for a long time and is easy to look after. It has beautiful double flowers and a light and playful look with its summery colour and small leaves. SummerGlory prefers a light position in the home but not in full sun. In summer, it also thrives in the garden in a position in semi shade. It flowers continuously until late September.

The pot ball should remain moist; water logging should not occur. It also appreciates a refreshing shower with a plant spray but be sure not to spray on the flowers. Regularly add some general houseplant fertilizer to the water.

Faded flowers can be removed; this deadheading ensures a longer life for the plant.

Veronica Rocket Power

Rocket Power, how promising is that! The proud, slender spikes of this Veronica do look particularly attractive on the patio. It grows to a height of about 25-30 cm and its natural flowering period ranges from July to August. Rocket Power is available in blue and pink but soon there will be plants available in dark blue, albeit at a limited scale.
Rocket Power will be on sale in retail outlets from June until August.

Veronica prefers a sunny airy position in the garden or on the patio.
Water regularly, making sure that the pot ball remains moist. Always ensure good drainage.
Veronica likes to feel the wind through its leaves. Therefore, do not put the plants too close together when planting several plants in a large pot.
Old spikes that have finished flowering should be cut off in order to give the new spikes sufficient chance to continue flowering.


Why not combine a few plants in a spacious container or flower box for a stunning effect? After Veronica has finished flowering, it can be planted in the border and start its second life.
This perennial will die back in winter and produce new growth in spring. If you are lucky, you can enjoy its graceful spikes again during the next summer! In the border, the plants also look their best when planted in groups!
Veronica Rocket Power is attractive to bees and butterflies and therefore an excellent choice for a natural garden.


Begonia Solenia series

Begonia Solenia is amongst the best performing garden begonias. Solenia will thrive even in sunny positions.
Solenias are available in many different colours from various garden centres and florists from April until August.
Solenia flowers with graceful double blooms and continues to flower all through summer.  By nature, Solenias are compact and therefore do not require any support. The plant will ultimately reach a height of about 30-40 cm.
As soon as there is no more chance of night frosts, Solenias deserve a prominent position on the patio, in the garden or in a hanging basket.

Solenia prefers a position sheltered from wind in the sun or semi shade. Water frequently, adding fertilizer to the water on a regular basis. Deadhead the plant to promote continued flowering.
Ensure good drainage of any surplus water.

Do not put Solenia outside until there is no more danger of night frosts.
Solenias are very suitable for planting in large pots on the patio. However, do ensure good drainage.
Deadheading stops the plants setting seeds. This way, Solenias will flower more profuse and prolonged.

Begonia Cottage series

Begonia Cottage is synonymous with exuberant garden pleasure!
After all, there are very few plants that flower continuously from the moment of purchase until the first frost.
Furthermore, Begonia Cottage is a plant that requires a minimum of care and attention.
Begonia Cottage has beautiful double flowers that look playful and charming. In other words, a bright addition to any garden, even in summers with less than wall to wall sunshine! The plants grow to a maximum height of approximately 40 cm.

Available in different colours from florists and garden centres between March and August.

As soon as there’s no more chance of night frosts, Begonia Cottage can be moved to the garden. 
Begonia Cottage thrives in a large pot in any (not too bright) sunny position or semi shade, with some protection against strong winds.
Keep the pot ball moderately moist and add plant food to the water on a regular basis.
However, do ensure good drainage. Faded flowers will drop off all by themselves.

Because of its partly upright growth habit, Begonia Cottage is less suitable for hanging baskets. It will look its best as a specimen plant in a matching beautiful ornamental pot. The display will look even more splendid when a few pots with Begonia Cottage are placed in a group.


Fragaria Roman F1

Strawberry ‘Roman’ is grown from seed and the advantage of this is that the plants have a healthy start.
These seed grown strawberries are known for their delicious taste and the fact that they are ever bearing. This means that you can harvest strawberries all summer long, not just during a brief period.
‘Roman’ is very vigorous and continuously develops new offshoots. This quality makes ‘Roman’ especially suitable for planting in hanging baskets.
‘Roman’ bears apple blossom pink semi-double flowers on long stems. In combination with the dark green leaves, this provides ‘Roman’ with extra ornamental value.

You do not have to wait long for the first fruits to appear. The best part of this strawberry is that you can pick the first delicious fruits as early as May and can continue to regularly harvest from the plants from June until October.
The strawberries are medium-sized, slightly elongated in shape and of a warm deep red colour. Their flavour is full and very aromatic.



Strawberry variety ‘Roman’ F1 is not very particular with regard to the kind of soil or climate.
Plant the strawberry plants in a large hanging basket or container in nutrient-rich compost (if necessary slightly acidic soil).
Find a position in sun or semi shade and preferably sheltered in order to prevent drying out.
It is important to water the plants regularly and add a little general fertilizer. Should the plants become too dry, the fruits will suffer from deformation and fruit formation will be less abundant.
It is possible to winter the plants in their hanging basket or container. In that case, make sure that the compost does not dry out during the winter months. In spring, the plants need sufficient fertilizer and possibly new compost to make a good start.


Does your garden have a fence? Then why not create a hanging strawberry garden by attaching a row of hanging baskets on the fence, filled with ‘Roman’F1 strawberry plants. Provided you take good care of this hanging garden, it will provide you with delicious strawberries all through the summer!

Children also love to pick their own strawberries. Healthy, fun and very tasty!!
Feast on the fruit straight from the plant or eat them as a healthy, delicious dessert!

Platycodon Astra

Annual, very trendy and special (underrated) bedding plant, garden and balcony plant or houseplant. Platycodon is a member of the bellflower family (Campanulaceae), which originates from areas in China, Japan, Korea and Manchuria. Astra provides your garden with a Mediterranean, romantic ambiance. Its large star shaped flowers are available in bright white, clear blue and pink. Its balloon-shaped buds are also very decorative. The Astra can be planted until late summer.

When looked after properly, Astra can survive the winter outdoors in the garden. It forms a rhizome in the soil, which means it can return as a bedding plant in May. Plant it in a sunny, light position (with only light shade). In order to improve branching and create a fuller plant structure, it is best to cut back shoots once or twice. Water on a regular basis, do not allow drying out but also do not keep it too wet. Astra prefers well-draining soil or potting compost or a sandy subsoil. Deadhead regularly for good continued flowering and also regularly add fertilizer.

Astra is extremely suitable for planting in large pots or decorative baskets (tip!) for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Use as a container balcony plant or in a flowerbed: however, do not combine with vigorous growers/climbers such as for example Petunia, Sanvitalia etc. Suitable as a houseplant in a bright spot.