Dianthus chinensis Super Parfait

This annual carnation is perfectly suitable for group plantings in borders and flower beds or for mixed plantings in pots and containers on patio and balcony. This strongly branching and profusely flowering plant bears large bright flowers and prefers a position in full sun or semi shade at high summer.  

Keep the pot ball moderately moist and ensure good drainage. Regularly add some general fertilizer to the water.

Cutting back after the first flush of blooms will promote new growth and the development of new flowers.

Begonia Waterfall Encanto

Unique orange colour (typically Dutch orange). Large single flowers and a magnificent display of colour.
Garden plant: can be planted outside as soon as there is no danger of night frost. Flowers very profusely and continuously until September; in other words, all through summer. Dead flowers drop out off the plant all by themselves, so little work.
Encanto is much less sensitive to flower drop as compared to similar types. Available from early May.

Add fertilizer every month for an optimum result. Begonia Waterfall Encanto prefers a position in full sun and/or semi shade. Available from April - August.
Position: semi shade to full sun but not in the full wind provides optimum results. Branches right from the heart of the plant, which results in a graceful, robust plant structure.

 Use soft shades in your decoration. These are a perfect backdrop for the orange flowers.
Transfer the plant to a haning basket or large pot and you will have an waterfall of colours all through the summer.



Begonia Angel Falls Soft Pink

Begonia Angel Falls is a trailing garden begonia, very suitable for hanging baskets and large pots. Its large, soft pink flowers do have a distinct romantic look and fit in well with the current trend that uses lots of pastel shades.
Angel Falls branches very well with floriferous elegantly trailing stems. As soon as there is no more danger of night frosts, Angel Falls can be put outside, where it will continue to flower until late October (until the first night frost).

Angel Falls grows best in a large pot or hanging basket in a position in full sun or semi shade. Make sure not to hang the plant in the full wind.
Flowers that have finished flowering drop off all by themselves. Regularly add some fertilizer when watering and do not allow the potting compost to dry out completely.

Begonia Angel Falls is very lovely in a large pot all by itself but also beautiful when combined with other plants. Try it together with plants like Surfinia, Glechoma or Helichrysum. Of course, many more combinations with Angel Falls are possible.

Lavandula angustifolia 'Blue River'

Common lavender. Decorative evergreen plant with a fairly compact habit. Prefers a sunny, sheltered position on the patio or in a flowerbed. Plants in pots need fertilizer regularly. This lavender is lime-loving  and prefers dry or normal soil. Blue River flowers very profusely and prolonged with beautiful, deep blue spikes. The foliage is a nicely grey-green and wonderfully fragrant when touched. After flowering, the spikes can be used in dry bouquets or homemade potpourri. The flowers attract many butterflies and bees. Destined for decoration, not for consumption.

Dahlia Dahlietta

Dahlietta was developed as a special pot dahlia, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Dahlietta series offers a very wide range of colours. Currently, there are 10 unicoloured varieties available on the market and 6 varieties that developed multicoloured flowers.
Dahlietta flowers profusely with many brightly coloured flowers. The different colours develop uniformly sized plants, which enables many combinations. Dahlietta flowers abundantly over a period of 2 – 3 weeks, next produces less buds for a few weeks, but after 6 – 8 weeks it is in full bloom once again. Available from March until the end of July.


Water regularly, do not allow to dry out. Particularly when placed in a sunny position, you need to avoid drying out and wilting. Regular deadheading prolongs the flowering period. During the first flowering period there is no need to add fertilizer. In order to ensure continued flowering, add fertilizer.


Pick the flowers and arrange these in trendy vases or glass jars on your table. This way, you can also enjoy the beautiful Dahlia flowers indoors.

Antirrhinum majus Sonnet F1

Snapdragon. Annual bedding plant in various different colours. The sturdy upright flower stems will look good in the border but are also good cut flowers. Snapdragons thrive in any normal soil and prefer a position in sun or semi shade.