Home and Garden plants collection

The Home and Garden plant collection consists of decorative plants, carefully grown by nurseries that are passionate about what they do.

The plant collection is very decorative and fully fits in with today's home and garden style. Quirky trendy tips are provided via the internet and via labels. The collection is priced attractively and available through florists and garden centres.

Garden Tip for this month... Helleborus Emma

This wintery gem is a cross of Helleborus niger and Helleborus argutifolius and thus combines a number of positive varietal qualities. To start with, this strong variety is the earliest flowering amongst all nigercors species, meaning it can be enjoyed long before Christmas. The buds have a touch of salmon pink, beautifully contrasting with the characteristically dark green leaves. Once the flowers open, they change colour to a creamy white. The flowers are strikingly large and stand proud on lovely burgundy flower stems. They lend this Helleborus a unique air of elegance!
The plant will flower from December until late March and is therefore a true wintery gem!

The Home and Garden plant collection is:

  • grown with care and passion
  • provided with handy ideas & tips
  • decorative in home, garden and on the patio
  • a colourful creation providing long lasting pleasure
  • attractively priced

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